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Better Scores for Every School

We work with schools to identify each one’s unique path toward school-wide ACT/SAT improvement, and we work alongside them as they reach and surpass their score improvement goals, year after year.

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On a mission to make every mission possible.

None of us wants to live in a society where educational access is limited by a student’s family income. That’s why we’ve dedicated our company's resources to closing the achievement gap on college entrance exams and promoting equal access to higher education.

To that end, we’ve designed our ACT/SAT prep platform to meet the needs of traditionally underserved students and schools with custom score improvement plans, ongoing school support, and fair pricing. No student will be denied access to Quesbook due to an inability to pay.

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Validated Content with Demonstrable Results.

We designed our platform and content to generate school-wide results by engaging students of all types, not just those on the stereotypical “college-track.” We’re pleased to say that our partner schools are seeing those results.

Download our case study to see how a Quesbook pilot program at one of our partner schools helped a cross-section of their students earn marked improvement over a control group using independent study and other resources.

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Creating Opportunities for Students, One Partner at a Time

Quesbook is partnering with likeminded schools, districts, and non-profits to bring affordable, live instruction and robust ACT/SAT prep to students everywhere. Here’s just a sampling of our partner organizations:


Boys & Girls Club




Big Brothers Big Sisters


Test prep is dead. Long live score improvement.

With traditional test prep tools, the most motivated and engaged students earn their own improvements with self-paced study, while other students are too often left behind. Not with Quesbook.

Our goal is school-wide improvement, so we target the skill gaps of each and every student, with a blended and personalized approach that enables lesson planning, skill development, and intervention. Download our brochure to learn more.

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Fill out the form to request a planning session with one of our implementation experts at no cost to your school. We can’t wait to help you get better scores for your students—scores that will reflect your school’s hard work and commitment.

Is there someone else at your school with whom it would be better for us to speak? That’s a-ok with us. Just click here for an alternate referral form.