Ace The ACT With These 5 ACT Math Tips

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Learn how to improve your math score by implementing these top 5 ACT math tips on test day!

Do you feel like your ACT Math skills need some work? Do you want to increase your score? Achieving a high score isn’t easy and requires a lot of hard work and effort, but following these 5 simple ACT Math tips can get you that much closer to a perfect score!

Tip #1: Look For Clues In Word Problems

A word problem on the ACT Math is any problem that is almost entirely comprised of a written description and does not provide a corresponding equation, diagram, or graph.

Word problems tend to get pretty confusing, and unfortunately, just a slight misunderstanding can cause you to solve the question entirely wrong!  If you can follow these steps when looking for clues in word problems, you can avoid falling into the ACT traps.  Let’s have a look on how to get started on many word problems:

1. Read the question properly and underline the important points.

2. Look for clues to solve the question – what information is given and what are you solving for?

3. Break the problem into pieces. Process each statement at a time.

Practice this word problem and brush up on your angles.

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Multiple Choice Questions

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If there is a multiple choice question, take advantage of it. Our ACT Math Tips #2 – taking advantage of multiple choice questions means if you don’t understand on how to solve the question, look at the answers and try using the method of elimination! Plug the answer options in the equation or test them to find the greatest or lowest value that fits this certain condition.

Tip #3: Avoid Time Consuming Questions

If you struggle with time, this could be the most important of our ACT Math tips we discuss.  If time is of the essence when it comes to your taking the ACT Math section, you MUST avoid the time vortex questions. Figure out what type of questions usually takes most of your time and solve them at the end. Most students have issues in the following areas:

  • Counting problems
  • Series and sequence problems
  • Long word problems

Tip #4: Don’t Leave A Question Blank

Never leave any question blank. Even if you are so sure that you don’t know or you can’t work a problem, you should always answer it even if you have to guess it. There is no negative marking so you won’t lose any marks if you get the answer wrong.  Choosing one letter choice and sticking to it when making guesses is going to lead you to an improved score than randomly selecting a new letter for each guess.  This applies to both our ACT Math tips as well as any other section in the ACT.

Tip #5: Break Away From The Calculator


It may surprise some that this made its way onto our top 5 ACT Math tips because the ACT allows you to use a calculator on all the Math sections.  But be warned that just because you can use it doesn’t necessarily mean you should always use it.


When it comes to many questions on the ACT, mental math or estimation can get you an accurate answer much faster than you could do on a calculator. Also, keep in mind that writing steps on paper increases the accuracy of your solution. The risk increases of typing the wrong number on your calculator than writing the number on a sheet of paper.  It’s best to practice before taking the ACT, so that you will know quickly whether or not you’ll need the calculator for a particular question.

Are you looking to improve your Math score?  Did you find these ACT Math tips helpful?  Let us know by commenting below.

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