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ACT Test Day Tips and Checklist

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Here are your test day checklist and some last minute tips. Good luck to those taking the June ACT test. Bonus: Free printable checklist!

ACT Test Day Checklist

1. Your printed ACT admission ticket

Log into your ACT account and print the admission ticket. You can print some extra ones just in case.

2. Your Photo ID

It can be one of the followings: current school ID, driver’s license, and passport.

3. Number 2 pencils (at least two of them), an eraser, and a sharpener

4. A calculator

Check out the ACT Calculator Policy.

5. A watch

Remember to take a watch with no alarms.

6. Drinks and snacks

Just bring stuff you normally enjoy. No strange/special food on test day in case your stomach gets too nervous! 🙂 Get something you can eat quickly during the break.

ACT Test Day Tips

1. Have dinner and a good night’s sleep the day before the test

Don’t try to study and do last minute cramming the day before! Just relax!

2. Pack everything you need before you go to sleep

3. Have a good breakfast

4. Pick your comfy clothes

Pick your most comfortable clothes. Make sure you won’t get too hot or too cold in the testing room. (dress in layers might be a good idea) Pick a color you like that can make you feel relaxed. 🙂

5. Arrive early at the test center

Be there by at least 7:45 am.

6. Never leave a question blank

If you don’t know the answer, just guess! Check out how to guess on the ACT.

7. Just skip a hard question or passage and come back to it later

Don’t dwell on a question for too long.

8. English tips

– Watch out for “NOT” and “EXCEPT” in the question stems.

– You can answer most of the questions just by reading the sentence before and/or after the underlined portion. Don’t dive too deep into the passage details.

– When you are not certain about a question, pick the most concise answer.

9. Math tips

– Use the answer choices to your advantage. You can try them out one by one and do some backsolving. (Images can also be used to guess the answer)

– The last five questions in the Math section are usually the hardest. Don’t panic when you don’t know the answer.

– Use the calculator wisely. You don’t need to use it for every question. But don’t try to do complex calculations in your head either. ACT Math usually doesn’t require super complex calculations. So if a question gets very complex even with a calculator, consider the possibility that you are doing it the wrong way.

10. Reading tips

– Scan the passages.

– Circle key information in the passages to help you grasp the main idea of each paragraph and make it easier to locate information when you try to solve specific questions.

– Watch out for “NOT” and “EXCEPT” in the question stems.

– Keep an eye on the time.

11. Science tips

– Go to the questions directly. Don’t spend too much time trying to understand every detail in the passage.

– Don’t be scared by seemingly complex figures. ACT Science figures, no matter how complex they look, are always trying to convey very simple information. Check out how to unravel super complex ACT Science figures.

– ACT Science seldom tests your mastery of scientific knowledge. So if you see any unfamiliar jargons or background information, don’t worry! All you need to answer the questions is provided in the passage.

Good luck!

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