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ACT Test Day Tips and Checklist

Good luck on your SAT test date

Here are your test day checklist and some last minute tips. Good luck to those taking the June ACT test. Bonus: Free printable checklist! ACT Test Day Checklist 1. Your printed ACT admission ticket Log into your ACT account and print the admission ticket. You can print some extra ones just in case. 2. Your…

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How to Superscore: ACT

Will learning how to superscore your ACT scores be the golden ticket to your dream school? Let’s learn more about superscoring and when it can help you. What is a superscore? What does it mean to superscore your ACT test? It means that the highest of each section (Math, English, Science, and Reading) will be…

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Ace The ACT With These 5 ACT Math Tips

Learn how to improve your math score by implementing these top 5 ACT math tips on test day! Do you feel like your ACT Math skills need some work? Do you want to increase your score? Achieving a high score isn’t easy and requires a lot of hard work and effort, but following these 5…

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Top 7 ACT Grammar Rules For English

What ACT English rules for grammar do you need to know to ace your English section score? We’ve got the answers here. Understanding the ACT grammar rules that will be used during testing day is important for both your ACT English score as well as your overall performance as a whole.  Quesbook is determined to…

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Easiest Scholarships Ever

Quesbook offers up to $20,000 in scholarships that you can qualify for just by studying. These could very well be the easiest scholarships for high school students. Here at Quesbook, we want you to rock the ACT and get into the school of your dreams WITHOUT graduating with crippling student debt.  That’s why we created the Quesbook Scholarship Program.…

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