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Update: Now every student can get SAT & ACT practice with Quesbook.

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Until now, Quesbook’s revolutionary SAT/ACT practice tool has been available only to students at our partner schools. That all changed this week when we launched our universal-access portal at Now all students can get their own Quesbook account and improve their scores with custom SAT & ACT practice.

Quesbook uses AI to help students studying for the ACT and SAT improve their scores three times faster. That acceleration is possible because Quesbook helps you focus on the skill-based SAT/ACT practice that will really make a difference. We never waste your time studying things you already know or won’t improve your score. That makes it possible for you to actually study less and score better.

Students all over the country are more stressed than ever. They have college applications to submit, essays to write, scholarships to apply for, and a million other things to worry about. Most just don’t have time to get their best ACT/SAT score with traditional tools. That’s why we’re so excited to now offer our proven SAT/ACT practice tools to every student who needs them.

Plans start as low as $18/month–check them out at Unlike other online test prep options, all of Quesbook’s plans include both SAT and ACT practice resources at no extra cost. And as always, because we are committed to leveling the playing field, students who need it can get free and discounted access. Learn more at

Note to Educators: SAT & ACT Practice Works Even Better at School

With the Quesbook at School program, you get access to heavy bulk discounts, so you can get your students access to better SAT/ACT practice for as little as $3/student. In addition, our school data & analytics hub helps you track your students’ progress in real-time. With actionable insights and AI-enabled tools, you can get better scores without adding to your workload. Learn more at

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