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The Study Less Study Plan

Zorela Georgescu Zorela Georgescu

Studying isn’t fun. It never will be. If you can count on anything, it’s that studying for the SAT or ACT test will always be tedious and oftentimes frustrating. At Quesbook, we keep it real. We don’t promise you magic results or an experience that feels like a game.

If you’re still with us, then you’re well on your way to your dream SAT or ACT score! Our focus is on efficiency. The work smarter, not harder thing. Our platform draws on the world’s largest database of test questions to identify your precise skill gaps — serving you the exact content you need to improve your score. With Quesbook, you don’t waste time reviewing what you already know — minimizing total time spent studying. If you can meet us in the middle, and bear with us for just a few of those pesky study hours, then we’ll make a great team.

Our advanced, frustration-minimizing ACT/SAT study platform is now available for students nationwide. Whether your test is one month or one year away, we’ll work with you to meet your specific score goals. We’re in this together. Check out plans here.

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  1. […] Quesbook uses AI to help students studying for the ACT and SAT improve their scores three times faster. That acceleration is possible because Quesbook helps you focus on the skill-based SAT/ACT practice that will really make a difference. We never waste your time studying things you already know or won’t improve your score. That makes it possible for you to actually study less and score better. […]

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